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I don't know if it's asbestos: how do i find out?

This is the most common type of Asbestos. It's normally found in roofs, ceilings, walls and floors of homes and businesses.

Many manufacturers also used chrysotile asbestos in Garage Roofs, Car Garages, gaskets and boiler seals, Soffit Boards, Gutters and Drain Pipes.

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Why is asbestos dangerous?

If you are unsure whether the meterial is asbestos or what type of asbestos it is then our team can safely take a sample of your suspect material, and our accredited lab, will analyse the material and you will have the sample results back to you in the next few day's.

No one can establish weather the material is asbestos or not by just looking at it.

 Your Always in Safe Hands

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Due to the proven carcinogenic fibres contained within the asbestos 

This is why it is very important to use a contractor that takes all the necessary precautions. Our team is fully-trained to deal with asbestos safely and properly with all the necessary accreditations. It's important that the asbestos is disposed of properly. A Contractor should always provide you with a Consignment Note this will ensure and prove safe disposal of the hazardous waste asbestos. 

We will always provide a Consignment note, in addition to all other certifications on request.  

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